Program Calendar

Program Calendar


Jump-A-Rama's programs have been crafted from incredible professionals in the childcare and pysical fitness industrys. Each program has been perfected through years of experince. Our non-competitive classes focus not only the physical growth of each child, such as strength, cordonation, balance, agility and much more but we also put a very strong empisis on teaching team building and self esteem.

Every employee goes through strict training focusing on saftey and growth of the children we're blessed to teach. They are taught to reqignize where each child is developmntaly in order to meet each child's induvidual needs while helping the class as a whole grow together. All employees must be Jump certified before they begin their employment and they must attend weekly meetings focused on saftey and cleanlness standards. We employ only the best of insturctors who take their postitions seriously so paretns can feel confitdent bring children of any age.

Tiny Tumbles & Preschool Gymnastics



This program will provide your  toddler through pre-k children with an opportunity to explore a wide variety of apparatus, such as springboard, balance beams, bars, trampoline and so much more all while they work on their fine and gross motor skills. The class will also include a warm-up with music, parachute and bubbles then end with a story for cool down. Parents must be able to participate with children under 3.

Kids Fit


This exciting class will help children gain cardiovascular and muscular strength, flexibility, coordination and teamwork.  This will be accomplished through a variety of aerobic exercised, sports, games, music and other fun activities.  Parachute and bubble activities are just part of the fun! Closing activities will consist of a small snack and story.

Beginning and Advanced Gymnastics


This program focuses on the foundations of gymnastics. Each child is given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of apparatus, such as  vaulting, springboard activities, balance beam, floor and trampoline exercises.  This six-week program will provide your child with progressive skills that will encourage self-confidence and coordination! 




Students should wear leotards or shorts.  Hair must be put up and no jewelry please

Kids should wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.